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Application Number 0000701588
Author Tang, Tom , United States
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Work title: WARP SPEED (0000701588)

WARP SPEED While there are many interesting studies to be done with regards to the sectional studies of a skyscraper, there are also an entire class of flat buildings to be explored. In questioning the ground plane, questions are raised not only about the possibilites for landscaping the roof and creating sectional programmatic variations, but they call into question the FORM of the ground that we stand on. Just because we are able to make entirely flat surfaces spanning large areas does not mean that we should. The concept of both the open plan and the free plan should be reassesed. Rather than the infinite grid of identical surfaces, the new ground plane should embrace the richness and inherent individuality of program and space by inflecting and warping to create the flex plan. The surface of the ground is that which flexes to accodate a collection of flexible programs.