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Application Number 0000701586
Author neves, joao gameiro, United Kingdom
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Work title: VACANT BORDERS (0000701586)

Urban voids is the term to call derelict / abandoned places in the city. They are spread over cities and due to its nature, they do not establish speech with the operative urban mesh. Empty buildings and empty plots, which are fenced off by physical borders, restricting access to the people from the street level. As a set of physical borders, they separate the empty spaces (perhaps in derelict condition) from the rest of the city’s programmatic realm. As an entity, liminal spaces, expresses the status from the dilapidated urban operative. This proposal aims to investigate the notion of barriers, abandoned spaces in the context of the city and instigate the interaction between population and these spaces, by the crossing of the ground level borders. The project is developed from the appropriation of an abandoned tower in Dover, United Kingdom, and its reinterpretation and recreation. Therefore, it is not seen as a potential container of various programs, but as a provider of a set of features to establish a crossing through the tower, and a dematerialization of the borders that isolate it from the rest of the urban fabric. This settlement is made by different phases and compromises, the use of several elements that constitute the tower and by others that are addressed to it.