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Application Number 0000701580
Author nafissi, stefano , Italy
Coauthors prati, marco , Italy
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Work title: Global Art Gallery (0000701580)

CONCEPT The concept is to conceive the “plane” as if it were a noble metal leaf from which to obtain a transformation of the performances of the material itself, (with specific reference to light and air). carrying out incisions on the thickness, following planned textures  and then applying a tension to the edges of the metal leaf to generate a sort of network in which the density of the openings depends on the strength applied. IDEA The Ground Plane acquires the identity only when the required conditions prompt it. It is a cultural phenomenon before than architectural or urban one. If a ground plane exists, then that will be the geometrical site for contemporary art, considering art as a need/occurrence of our society, in rapid growth on a world scale, prone to spontaneous colonisation of any space “in between” and any “free” space. The idea is to ENCOURAGE such colonisation of the ground plane through the insertion of “prosthesis” and “architectural- devices” by which to create the necessary infrastructure to host art so as to generate the necessary cultural prerequisites to make desirable the development of the Ground Plane. SUSTAINABILITY DISPLACED GROUND REUSE The best way to reuse the land is to mantain it ad use it to develop the landscape trought land art INDOOR AIR QUALITY the best indoor air quality is achieved through accurate ionization. To do this we will use: _ large vertical surfaces made of slabs of rock salt backlit (the backlighting determines the emission of negative ions) _ calculated volumes (about 1 / 3 of the total) of planting ionizing radiation, such as: . Chlorophytum comosum ''vittatum " . Aglaonema crispum . Cereus peruvianus . Kalanchoe blossfeldiana SITE we did not define A specific geographical site, rather a generic one, from which we have obtained a flexible model in order to be able to make use of the idea and its concept in a comprehensive manner.