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Application Number 0000701576
Author Newmeyer, Allison , United States
Coauthors Hicks, Stewart , United States
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Work title: Chicago P.L.O.T.s (0000701576)

This narrative explores the occupation of the ever-expanding land in and around Chicago, Illinois. From natural nuisance to debris re-distribution to desirable commodity, the changing relationship to new land defines a particular brand of Chicago urbanism. Mistakenly, recent developments have lost sight of this and this story recovers, extends and ultimately exports this lineage of urbanism. In 2015, a new program attempted to rectify the over dependence on vertical expansion with new experiments into the horizontal. Instead of reaching towards the sky, this program enabled Chicago to reach for new horizons. The new land is generated from the debris of stalled and demolished buildings leftover from the great economic crisis of the 2000’s. The Chicago Institute for Land Generation was established to produce and oversee the process. We are now at a cross-roads of sorts. Patty production has increased to a feverish pace in order to keep up with building demolition. The government is sponsoring experiments to make usable this new land. Each “colony” is an attempt to grow new social, spatial and political scenarios that utilize the P.L.O.T.s. Corporations are attempting to cash in on the problem by offering accessories for the privately owned P.L.O.T.s. Politically, the land is indistinct. Is it part of Chicago? Who governs it? The institute in charge of producing of the new P.L.O.T.s is run by a newly appointed political position, the Accumulations Officer. His job is to shape the future of the city, but there are some problems...