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Application Number 0000701574
Author Linta, Veljko , Croatia
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Work title: THE LIMIT. (0000701574)

SITE PLAN IN TIME: In most of the world’s cities, the development from the natural ground to the built city got so much out of control that it pushed the social and spatial degeneration beyond the point of no return. Yet we cannot seem to stop overbuilding any more than we can fight cancer. However, if we set its upper limit, we can build the city up and up until it is built up. Once the city reaches its upper limit, the new ground, its inside will be dense and teaming, like a cathartic furnace, in which the society will have to transcend its current condition, lest it perish. Sooner or later, the city between two grounds is likely to become an archaeological site, but by that time we shall hopefully have had an entire vast ecosystem above the city, and our chances of surviving depend on how much we shall learn from it. After all, only nature can teach us how to survive even on bare rock. SECTION THROUGH THE COMPLETED CITY(TOPDOWN): THE SKY... is not THE LIMIT. If we want to survive, we have to learn to set the limit by ourselves. What we strive towards must be a common plane, a sort of completion, rather than variety and individuality without coherence. It is our only hope for a second chance, a second take at treating the ground sensibly. THE NEW GROUND: a slab supported by the completed city eventually gives rise to a new ecosystem. THE GROWTH SPACE: the height of the tallest building in the city is set as the mandatory height of the city - the vast new structural grid allows for future notions of density and mobility. THE EXISTING CITY: each building will be reinforced with posts which will enable it to develop to its full vertical extent. THE OLD GROUND: large parks are left as voids within the completed city.