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Application Number 0000701566
Author Neimark, Anna , United States
Coauthors Atwood, Andrew , United States
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Work title: Bottoms Up (0000701566)

Juror's comment

This proposal used striking models, renderings and plans to illustrate a flipped urban block. Because the intention of the project was to liberate the ground floor, the project could have benefited from a better exploration of the possibilities for the newfound ground plane. Shohei Shigematsu

Governments are growing to unprecedented sizes. Irrational exuberance has moved from the market to infrastructure. How does architecture take advantage of these developments? It transforms infrastructure into monument. Garbage collection, plumbing, sewage, grey water usage can all be streamlined and integrated into one super-dense block. “Bottoms-up” offers the city one long sought-after goal: to crowd the sky. It keeps the ground, the most valuable urban resource, open to the public and its ecological desires. It also challenges one of the many elitist tendencies in private real estate, that living higher is for higher classes. Here, mass-housing and dense commercial space forms a new collectivity at the top of the urban skyline. Block by block, sprawling cities can densify with these nodes of interlocking program. If the piloti offered a new datum for suburban dwelling, “bottoms-up” urbanizes this desire for an age of post-capitalist development.