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Application Number 0000701564
Author Kyriakou, Kyriakos , Greece
Coauthors Krimizi, Sofia , Greece
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Work title: 6th AVENUE and 90 DEGREES STREET, NY-NY (0000701564)

Juror's comment

We awarded second place to this proposal for its clarity and simplicity. The proposal multiplies and elevates a generic urban block in midtown Manhattan with a simple 90 degree rotation.

I did sense a certain naiveté to the project, which failed to exploit the unique opportunity for programmatic diversity in the high-rise typology. The proposal could have benefitted from reading Delirious New York, in which Rem Koolhaas analyzes the Downtown Athletic Club to illustrate how multiple worlds can exist independently in a hermitically sealed tower.

In terms of technical strength, I applaud the considerations of horizontal zoning in New York and lighting exposure illustrated in the diagrams.Shohei Shigematsu

The project attempts the vertical rotation of a generic midtown NYC block on its transversal axis, while exploring and testing the flexibility of the section of the city both in the present time and in the historic context of the Manhattan urban phenomenon being par excellence the celebration of the constantly multiplied and redefined ground level in the air. The city of towers allowed the "delirious" exploration of the multi-programed section that applied itself over the flat level that supported all individual islands, the New York city blocks. When the plan of the island becomes the section, the retail agglomeration of the block -detached from the ground- becomes the thick facade of the new, rotated condition. Stacked sidewalks form a vertical street that performs using the elevator as a vertical subway. The porous mass of the rotated upper-floors is redefined and rearranged volumetrically applying internally the sky exposure plane procedure. Standing at the opposite side of the generic mall, the rotated block through its porosity, urban articulation and programmatic structure, bends the street 3-dimensionally and allows a deeper and multi-layered ground level condition. A folded Times square or an intensified Rockefeller Plaza is articulated under what used to be the other avenue facade. The New York city block becomes the testing ground of a multidimensional neighborhood that is generated above not a new pilotis but a thicker ground-level that challenges the urban relationship between earth and air.