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Application Number 0000701559
Author Apfelberg, Michal , Israel
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Work title: Green highway (0000701559)

GREEN HIGHWAY Location - Tel Aviv, Israel Border - The Ayalon highway Site analysis - Ayalon highway is the main traffic artery of the Tel Aviv metropolitan. The highway crosses the city while producing noise and pollution hazards, thus creating non usable urban leftovers. This project aims to exploit these urban leftovers in two ways: 1) Neutralize the hazards created by the highway. 2) Produce a quality space for recreation and other activities, which meet the city’s needs for green areas and public spaces. Proposal- Using the ground (the urban leftovers) as a protective barrier against both acoustic hazards and air pollution, by manipulating the ground to meet the acoustic needs of the nearby neighborhoods. The new artificial topography allows a variable section along the Ayalon highway. The proposed ground plane: Above ground - linear green space connecting the park on the southern border of the city and the park on the northern border of the city. This green space, containing soil and plants, will also aid in reducing the hazards mentioned above. Under-ground - public buildings that enjoy the proximity of the traffic artery and the downtown location. The project enhances the urban environment while maintaining the neighborhood life and meeting specific needs of nearby neighborhoods. Form- Manipulation of the section is implemented while considering the acoustic needs of the area and the plan. The plan is affected by the proportions of the urban leftovers. The changing acoustic needs of the nearby neighborhoods demand a variable section along the highway, which sometimes creates extra space under ground and sometimes above ground. This property allows variable accessibility to public spaces and green spaces along the highway.