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Application Number 0000701551
Author busnja, davor , Croatia
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Work title: dubrovnik ² (0000701551)

The city that is globally renowned for its urbanistic, cultural and architectural legacy is becoming a chaotic accumulation of buildings and substandard infrastructure. Physical expansion and programmatic contraction resulted in a mono-cultural environment focused on tourist industry and foreign real estate markets. The area of intervention (Srdj plateau) is the only free and un-urbanised territory in the immediate proximity to the city. As it is the last and only undeveloped city area, the main aim of this proposition is to preserve the perimeter of the mountain plateau as a green belt with metropolitan ambition. Simple set of strategies intended for the belt may create a basis for sustainable urban development of the whole city, as follows: 1. identify huge latent potential of the site 2. preserve the perimeter of the plateau as strategically most important area 3. implant a set of programmes (public, social and business infrastructure) 4. re-programme, substitute and add programmes according to current needs and future city development Preservation of the perimeter and its potential to accommodate whole set of public services is sufficient and potent enough to incorporate any type of future development of the plateau (from mono-functional and exclusive to metropolitan, open-ended and laissez-faire). Once the belt is formed, the inside of the plateau can be surrendered to improvisation and uncertainty. It can become an exclusive golf settlement, autistic monotopia, diverse urban tissue, something completely unexpected or nothing at all. The last free and un-urbanised area cannot be left to inadvertent growth or fully handed over to private developers, since it is strategically important for future urban growth based on social inclusion, economically dynamic and environmentally conscious planning. Srdj must become the new ground plane for sustainable urban development of Dubrovnik.