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Application Number 0000701540
Author Barluzzi, Fabio , Italy
Coauthors Franchini, Marco , Italy
Ponticelli, Barbara , Italy
Postacchini, Marco Aurelio, Italy
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Work title: ENJOY THE SECTION (0000701540)

The Urban Border is the site of urban potential. Usually, the urban site is defined as the site that is used and lived at street level because most urban infrastructures and public activities are developed at the ground level. The Urban Border in this project is understood as the continuous sky line, marking the division between full solid and void. This has led us to conceive of the space between the facade and the external thermal zone as the connection among the different levels. As a result, it becomes an urban site with pathways and distributed flows, that create vertical districts which perform the needs of daily life and encourage neighborhood interaction, with less need for transport. Thus, it is possible for the normal activities of the ground floor to vertically contaminate the building. Like plants, which left to grow up, cover all the buildings so different activities can climb over them, interlace and mix together; life at different levels and in more directions. We have identified four different layers associated with four different functions. This system is allowed to grow over time, the functions and layers changing as needed; the “Green Border,” the “Pedestrian Border,” the “Communication Border” and the “Energy Border” represent the immediate alternatives for development of the “Urban Border.” All of the different "Borders" link the buildings to each other and to the city, producing a continuous connection between all the horizontal layers of urban space, both over and under the ground level.