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Application Number 0000701539
Author leidy, elizabeth a, United Kingdom
Coauthors Campos, David , Mexico
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Work title: NIP TUCK: private domain extraction and public domain insertion (0000701539)

If we are able to move on a different plane then we are able to disrupt the value of land. Contemporary cities are mainly shaped by interests revolving around financial and real estate markets. If one were to qualify the democratic achievements of life in urban centers in relation to land ownership then we could claim that contemporary cities are a clear failure of this. Even within its current condition of highly defined private ownership, contemporary cities offer the possibility of creating a framework in which spontaneous social organizations can materialize. This project aims to introduce strategies that suggest the constructs of a new open elevated movement system along with the repossession of the ground plane as a truly public platform within the existing urban fabric of Manhattan. The ground plane is free to open, adapt, re-organize and evolve, independent from the private sector. The ground being public and democratic in the sense that is shared by everyone without exclusive ownership, in fact instructs a policy for anti-hierarchical social constructions. In its most conventional expression cities have been developed following the formula of the serialized extrusion of private space. The higher the place is, the more private or exclusive it becomes. Public zones are delegated to small fractions of the ground plane. Underground elements have been relegated to mere transportation devices, which are distinct from the surface activities. By revisiting and questioning these two basic dogmas of contemporary urbanism the project formulates the possibility of public space extending beyond the ground plane. Underground space can become an extension of the public domain and by inserting public territories below and above existing buildings, were hence the city is activated on multiple levels.