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Application Number 0000701531
Author Chiabov, Marko , Croatia
Coauthors Rupa, Marija , Croatia
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Work title: shifting in-between (0000701531)

when main square, a place that has highly emphasized in-between features, is stripped of its most important layer - social function, as it is situation in šibenik, a small town at a croatian coast, we must ask what led to that and how to react. in šibenik, public life is taking place only on a ground plane in labyrinth of non orthogonal, almost chaotic, streets where squares are widenings. since šibenik is placed on hills, richness of ambients is enormous. due to the relocation of a public life to the edge of the town and economic circumstances that resulted with a central part of the town looking like a "ghost town", authorities made a decision to convert larger part of the main square into a parking lot. that decision got both approval and disapproval - removal of a parking lot would mean reduction of already small number of people coming to this part of the town but it seems that having it does just the same to one of the most beautiful town places which is defined by a library, theater and two public parks. it is becoming clear that plans for an underground garage and reactivating a ground plane as a public space are pre-election promises that are in this economic situation impossible, so we propose more appropriate solution to a given condition. our proposal lifts ground plane on a platform one story high so that the area is returned to the citizens and also retains the parking lot. the platform has two basic elements - horizontal and vertical pavilion. horizontal pavilion - "market place" - a framework of light and shadow is designed to accommodate versatile scenarios typical for the mediterranean. vertical pavilion - "campanile" is a visual attractor that invites people. designed as a tower with stairs and its extended platforms, it provides variety of ambients and panoramas.