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Application Number 0000701520
Author Buss, Robert S, United Kingdom
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Work title: A10 Soulway: Suburban on Urban Lifeway (0000701520)

Problem: Our most precious natural resource is being exploited: The Ground. Symptoms: Unsustainable, low-density urban sprawl continues to eat away at the Green Belts. Caused By: Growing populations and increasing quality of life. The English love of suburbia. Solution: Create a new ground plane. This is the Soulway: Suburban On Urban Lifeway. Suburbia was born from a need to work in the city as well as the desire not to live there: the suburban cannot exist without the urban. A10 Soulway is an expression of that symbiosis. The concept uses the new ground plane as a border, creating two distinct zones. The Soulway reinterprets the traditional London terraced house, combining it with railway arches and responding to the existing urban fabric. The transition between the two zones replicates commuting between city and suburb and maintains their unique characteristics. The Soulway gives residents the best of both worlds - security and greenery as well as diversity and facilities - while ensuring that the green belt is protected for many future generations to come.