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Application Number 0000701519
Author Arriola, Guillermo , Mexico
Coauthors Alba, Rodrigo , Mexico
Galán, Rocío , Mexico
Schiavón, Steffano , Mexico
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Work title: Green dense public space (0000701519)

Beyond physical borders cities have restrictions that act as barriers. Legal regulations such as density or height restrictions, physical conditions, such as terrain or historical buildings that have to be preserved, and even economical issues as land value, constraint cities into a “3-dimensional jail” that forces the city to grow in an horizontal way. On the other hand, density combined with quality public space is going to be one of the most important factors regarding quality of life in future cities. But how can this combination be achieved in a city such as Mexico city where it seems that there is no more free space, and more importantly no more new public space at all? Mexico City gives only 5.4m2 of green areas for every single habitant (when the international recommendation goes even to 16m2), nevertheless the urge for new projects whithin the city has been increasing in the last decade, leaving the last green areas of the city under a big pressure for development and the possibility of having new ones being completetly discarded. So the most relevant question would be: CAN THE ACTUAL GREEN AREAS BE USED FOR PUBLIC/PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT? The answer lies beneath the ground level border.