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Application Number 0000701506
Author Radulova, Deniza , Germany
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Work title: TIE3 (0000701506)

Introduction The ground plane has various properties. Some are concerning ecological issues, others political, and others again sociological issues. What they all have in common is the mental factor that interacts within all of them. As the name of the organization THINK SPACE already indicates the notion of thinking - as the process of intellectual apposition and conclusion of thoughts - in combination with the matter of space are only two of the crucial aspects that we, architects, are interested in. The mental factor connecting the properties of the ground plane is theoretical, visionary and imaginative. That means that the creating process of thinking space starts in imagining a situation, a place in which several factors can be modified in order to create a product that has the potential of being part of an extropic system. We create images through which we construct the space. Considering the creation of images one may question: How do we create them? What are the parameters to do that? And moving further: How do we perceive those images? What are the indicators of our perception? Concept Some people have already experienced the amazement when entering an all-mirrored elevator. This phenomenon of re-projecting the situation inside the elevator as a repetitive apposition captures our minds. Different from the concept of the hall of mirrors here the mirrors don’t serve as obstacles but as portals that lead us to different places created in our thoughts. Being overwhelmed by the repetitive virtual images one can imagine oneself diving into the layers of infinite recursion bringing a clear, speculative situation to one’s mind by counterfactual thinking. Having this picture in mind one can use the moments while being in the TIE³ [Trans Image Elevator - 3D] to develop one’s thinking about a special concern that is up to date for oneself. Design Every elevator has the potential of becoming a TIE³. A TIE³ has common dimensions. To the left and right side and the floor and ceiling, mirrors are installed. The positioning of the mirrors allows a repetition in a horizontal and even more impressive in a vertical direction: A total access of space is achieved. The TIE³ is equipped at the opposite side of the door with steps of a ladder that give one the impression of being able to climb up or down the projected layers until infinity. Process Entering progressively the TIE³ cabin one starts perceiving oneself infinitely in four directions. Then the cabin starts moving and the journey inside can start. The deeper the thinker dives into the virtual images, the far locally one can imagine sensations. Conclusion The essence of above and below becomes obsolete while being in the TIE³. The recursive process of projecting the actual position multiplies the plane infinitely. Imagination helps to provide meaning to experience and understanding to knowledge so that issues of future orientated sustainability, preservation and gradual optimization of the actual situation on earth are grasped by taking time to consider imaginative situations.