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Application Number 0000701470
Author Edwards, David , United Kingdom
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Work title: The LA Forum & Library of Four Ecologies (0000701470)

For Mircea Eliade “The distinction between the sacred and the profane is that of a boundary or threshold. a boundary between the ordinary mundane and confused versus the security and sense of being that comes only via accessibility to the sacred.” The work centres on the notion of these two dialectic states of the transition between profane and the sacred. Initial studies began with a study into Dantes’ Divine comedy as a physical construction of the graduated threshold between sacred spaces of Paradise and the Profane hopelessness of The Inferno. This book has acted as a metaphor for a number of things but its significance in ordering a series of architectural notions The Journey, Reflection on and to the ones experience of space, and the progression through a series of shifting open ended thresholds. The final major project is sited in Los Angeles, conceptually reflected on as both Inferno and Paradise in equal measure. This city forms a backdrop to investigations into the PROFANE. Looking not backwards but towards contemporaneous and potential future scenarios reflecting on the city as has been seen, viewed and projected visages of its future. The of investigation looks at transitions on a urban scale, shifts between landscape and building. Proposing a new civic building on the Bunker Hill site in Downtown, the project plays with notions of how one reads both the building and the city and how the civic building becomes signifier and sign to aid ones (re) understanding of the city. The sloped site and underground in infra-structure allows explorations into transitions between the under and over ground, and distinctions within the building between public and private areas. In this site the city ground is no longer a flat surface but a three dimensional topography which people can process across generating new urban interactions In the City of the Angels. The scheme is a landform a terraced topography cris-crossed by pedestrian routes at many levels. This is partly a response to the sites slope and partly to the need to connect the three distinct blocks in Downtown currently unoccupied. As it ascends Bunker Hill the building fabric would become an urban landscape to the point as the top where there is no perceived constructions just green park land that allows the Disney concert Hall to exist in the space it needs and give the city much needed green and public space overlooking the rest of the city. The building is a complex hybrid with a number of interrelated uses stacked in their relation to the city surface. To order these the building is broken into four elements both morphologically and programmatically distinct. These four elements have been based on Reyner Banhams four ecologies of Los Angeles. In this way the scheme itself becomes a physical microcosm of the whole city. The most important of these is the ecology Autopia, this is more than a circulation system but a place for informal encounter and connection. In the forum Autopia forms the processional routes that connect the site to the wider context.