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Application Number 0000701451
Author Pletikapić, Živko , Croatia
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Work title: New Meander (0000701451)

There have been talks about building a Hydro Dam in Zagreb for years. This project has been designed with this idea in mind and to show how a whole new neighborhood can be accommodated around it. The solution is based on building an artificial water flow around which a series of residential and business blocks would be constructed, including recreational facilities and parks. By regulating the water flow, the difference between water and ground level can be controlled to suit the seasons'' need. During the summer, higher water level cools down the surrounding area while during the winter, lower water levels give rise to shallow ponds which can serve as skating rinks when the water freezes. Ground excavated during the construction of the canals is reused to widen the existing embankment. Other narrow embankments are also created between roads and residential buildings to serve as natural sound insulators. The rooftops are all interconnected and linked to parks at the embankment with ramps and small bridges, serving as promenades and offering a panoramic view over the whole site. URBAN BORDERS The Embankment area is the most important urban border within this project, offering protection from floods but also providing a space for recreation. The Main Roads define the borders of the whole site as part of a new neighborhood within Zagreb. The Canals running throughout the area partition the site into distinct locations while also serving to redistribute water from the river.