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Application Number 0000701418
Author Oh, Chang Ho N/A, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
Coauthors Kim, Sung Hwan N/A,
Kim, Chang Mook N/A,
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Work title: Shining Forest (0000701418)

For the growth of industrial, Constructing road for transportaion is very inportant. The raod for car make different type of block in the city. Factory, residence(apartment and dwelling) and nature(park). but they don''t interact each others. And time goes by, the important of factory getting low and apartment taking down all the block. it makes all the city looks like same. In this situation my design suggest to keep the aspect of variey and improve much more interactive than before by giving new condition. The horizontal elements connect different type of blokcs and make circulation. The vertical element has the aspect of different shining style by the time and it give people natural flow.