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Application Number 0001001932
Author Kovačević, Vesna , Croatia
Coauthors Kuduz, Igor , Croatia
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Work title: INSTEAD OF (0001001932)

INSTEAD OF WHO, WHERE, HOW, WHAT, SYNTHESIS Utopian space, with notion of time as its basic unit, was designed using a scanner for exactly a year, as a cryptic series of people scans, samples of streets, objects, food, animals, rubbish, events, intimate experiences of reality. Some of the samples/situations have been recorded without the knowledge and/or permission of their owners and/or participants. The moment a space is scanned, it becomes its own project. The period of time of author’s possible activity is sometimes offered by the process of scanning itself, but sometimes does not exist at all. Some of the scans, due to direct situation disturbances could not be realised apart from a preview-screenshot. Realised previews offer the possibility of manipulating the nonexistent, still realistic space truthfully transferred in actual size. Unlike photo camera, scanner is in direct contact with the physical surrounding and in that offers a space-measuring scale in duration-time of a single scanshoot. Scans do not describe reality pressed against a pane, as, since they are designed to copy paper, automatically mirror the sample. The perception of people who are able to view the scans has been manipulated through the design process. They, themselves, become the users of the time-dimensional space of the scan. At the same time they have an impact, direct or indirect, on its creation. Reception varies spanning from serious questions, expert discussions, acceptance and active partaking, surprise, uneasiness, detestation and rejection. The scans used in this project are different in format and parameters from the scans kept uploaded on the social network and represent a kind of a pair/copy (Italian coppia) in relation to multitude: fewness. Both are very different from the much larger raw originals that run in a loophole, unsorted, simply threaded on the author’s hard disc. The original thread is not subject to interventions, is not visible, determined by the automatic settings in the relation of human/person: impulse (neutral technical, at the same time personal, mental, lacking hierarchy).