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Application Number 0001001917
Author ivic, mirna , Croatia
Coauthors hršak, tin , Croatia
jovanović, goran ,
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Given up the illusion of absolute moral architecture, we come to the conclusion that it was the closest in architecture that it would ever be for a man, in accordance with their needs in a global frame and unobtrusive others non limiting the individual. As a prerequisite for the development of this architecture it is that the individual general rule is the same for everyone and that gives everyone the same conditions of life. This general architecture which is planned by the architects should serve as a basis for equitable development of the architecture of the individual in accordance with its cultural, geographical and personal realities. In a new, more equitable world all private would be personal and more general public would be public and common and what is most important, equally accessible to everyone. This would mean that every individual, regardless of geographic or political landscape and environment in which he lives has an equal chance for a comfortable life like any other. Tranquility, which would provide an awareness of equal opportunities for all and equality of an individual among all would certainly make the world a better place to live, knowing that the fate is in his hands and that it does not depend on the whims of someone else or of the unfairness of the world, humanity would become a major responsibility, and our own soberness as a main goal and purpose.