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Application Number 0001001897
Author Pérez-Herreras, Javier , Spain
Coauthors Hinojosa Hinojosa, Karen , Mexico
Pérez Díaz de Arcaya, Edurne , Spain
Ramos Bilbao, Xabier , Spain
Ruiz de Gordejuela Tellechea, Daniel , Spain
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Work title: Pop-up city (0001001897)

Dreamers have always shaped our cities. They are the authors of the built urban reality. To glance now at the future city requires a change in the time of the glance. In the city of metros we were capable of distinguishing a part of their time, that of transit: the time of the connection of two places in the same city. The new city occurs in the personal fact of a virtuality of visible places like urban pop-ups. With them the city emerges as a sum of possible inhabited and disjointed moments. Time has been reduced to a permanent transaction of places, of virtual jumps that carry us from dream to dream. It is a permanent succession of small utopias and places that result in an almost disappearing domestic condition. The architecture that inhabits these cities is proposed as the new place to reach the dreams and utopias of the men that update the city. They are architectures that are discovered like spaces of public habitation where they offer to these utopias a new and open intimacy, no longer kept in the secret of domestic dwelling. The revolutionary and domestic laboratory of modernity has been transformed into the architecture of public experience. These architectures are installed in cities like provisional camps of a life of ideology that is also provisional. In their interior they are all open to the instantaneous discovery of the dreams of every man. The scene of an ephemeral imaginary has been added to the invariable and the real; upon visiting it, it has become our new city. The citizen does not hope for the possibility of a utopia that transcends his short existence. The city is now also a city of imagined, fleeting spaces in permanent moving. In each and every one of them man discovers his desired dream: his destiny, although it may only be his no-destiny.