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Application Number 0001001895
Author Michelis, Nikolaos , Greece
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Work title: New Earth (0001001895)

One of the most obvious problems that humanity is facing nowadays is the economic crisis that is threatening s a fair number of European Countries as well as the U.S.A. We are once again in warn of an upcoming giant disaster. It’s easy to see, nevertheless, that the main cause of our community’s weaknesses is not just ‘the monetary system’ but the contemporary way of living on the whole. What happens when somebody comes to life? We can see that contemporary life can be divided in three stages: I)As a child it is mandatory that we learn the basic knowledge in order to form a specific behavior and form our dreams and moral that will guide us in the rest of our lives. II) On the second stage it is demanded that as any adult we have to live from our income, to create a family and to live in a world in accordance with what we have a priory learned by the society’s institutions. III) It is only on the third stage of our life that we come in place to collect our memories and experiences and wonder or think… Shouldn’t people think like that in the main part of our lives when we are most efficient? Humanity‘s evolution depends on great thoughts and visionary people and not on materials or quantities in terms of production as it is today. People today think at most for their own good. But if they didn’t need money or atomistic glory to live, the earth could be a more beautiful place to live. And it can be achieved along with a life that is at most celebrated and taken advantage of. People should grow in mind from their youth. And we already have the equipment for such a big change. Instead of considering money as the main demonstration of energy, real energy could be provided to everyone through solar and wind utilization. Imagine a world, where people come to life self-sufficient with the sole purpose of collecting experiences and sharing them with others. In many years internet will have so many capabilities, which could be able to make people’s lives completely connected with digital world. People could be able to learn just from the internet, they would choose what to learn and spend their time to grow their mind. Imagine a world, where there won’t exist any borders and countries. Our starting point would be just some properties. In the “new earth” everybody would travel, with his own equipment, just to collect information for him and the society. The cities would be more like huge museums of civilization. Each city would decide for its matters and only in cities would someone find stable architecture In that new society stable architecture should be more monumental and aggressive, because it should make noise to people, who will visit it. Expect that, architecture will be a combination of two styles, real and digital. The digital one will be temporary and created from people, who could display with holograms their ideas and their innovations for the city. With that way of living the evolution of ideas and technology would be enormously faster than today. Everyone should have access to the new technology and not only a few. In the “new earth” everyone would have standard equipment, which would be consists of a portable computer with internet access, devices with recording capabilities, portable 3d printer and a machine like a fly jacket. That would be given to citizens after their adultness with the end of their education. With that equipment anyone would download information and print every tool he will need for his living. The existence of currency will be past, because it will be a union of cities that would send resources to their citizens and care for their health. Everyone would upload his results of living at internet and send them to the union every year for taking then the resources for next year. Finally, a new way of religion could be effective in “ new earth” , which will combine Science and God. Imagine a new way of thinking that we can believe that there is a lot of things that we don’t know in science and we could find out in future but an another life being in universe have already done it and it is many steps forward from us. If we can agree in something like that we could call the another unknown life being God and be afraid of it and also believe in it like something friendly. With that way we can create war machines and aircrafts not for destroy human kind but in case of war to destroy our new God if he will be aggressive, or love him if he will be friendly.