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Application Number 0001001866
Author Arbanas, Lidija , Croatia
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Work title: Double Utopia (0001001866)

I want to live in a place that suits all my needs, but in the same time that place should be deprived from all unnecessary space. It should be a house built for my specific needs, surrounded with nature; it should use the power of nature (sun, wind) to produce energy for its own use, and in the same time the way of living should be in accordance with the laws of nature. This is the first utopia. The second one is to be a part of community that supports and combines self-interests with the interests of the community in which lives and participates. Neighbors should recognize that their actions have to be of mutual interest and not harmful for others neither harmful for nature. At this stage all community members should be aware that they have to make individual actions that will contribute to their mutual well-being and save the ecology of our planet. This project includes a place for living for my husband and me as well as for people/families who are ready to adopt and practice (on a daily base) the way of living with mutual understanding of other people and sustaining living with nature. In the same time we are developers and users. The ground for this project is in greater Zagreb area, about 15 km away from the center. It is a piece of land that has 10,000 square meters and is surrounded with private houses. Next to this land is main road in the Zagreb’s county and a couple of kilometers away is a forest. The location is ideal for people working in Zagreb or its county – by car it takes 20-30 minutes to all major locations in Zagreb (hospitals, schools, university, bus and train stations) as well to the airport. The village where land is located has a grocery store, elementary school etc. The size of this location can accommodate 5-10 individual housings, but the main idea of this place should stay in focus of all its livers: live with nature, keep the nature for further generations and enjoy helping your neighbors because they enjoy to do the same. HOW and WHAT: The material used for building this community should be acceptable for the environment, the way that it is built should be in accordance with mutual understanding of individual needs in global environment. The parcel that my family needs should be small enough so that we could handle it without help from the outside (other people) but in the same time it should be big enough to accommodate all our needs. The house should have a swimming pool which is the center of my husband’s and my life. After practicing water sports for over 20 years, we can’t imagine our life without swimming pool. Having one at our home, it would bring us a lot of joy. We will use it on a daily base so it should be placed in the center of the house so we could see it from all places at our home. It would be as the most beautiful and precious picture that people like to hang on a wall and watch it very often. This swimming pool will not only be “our precious picture that we like to watch”, but also a place where we love to go and enjoy freedom and power that being in a water can provide. A house would have a big kitchen and dining room for friends and family gathering around essential components of life (meals, stove etc). It should be a place where people would love to come and stay, a place dedicated to social gatherings in enjoyable surrounding. A house would not have typical living room with a TV screen as I found it to be not necessary in my life; a screen will be placed in other parts of the house where I can combine moments of work with getting the information from a TV. The other parts of a house should be built upon the needs of my family. It is essential to stress the words “my family” because we do not plan to make a house to impress others but to enjoy every moment at home, either in a small or big room. This home should be deprived from expectations of other people but be completely built upon our needs and wishes. The swimming pool and big space for social gathering are essential parts of that house, which will also have other necessary parts (bedroom, bathroom, garage etc). The other land that surrounds our house should be used to protect my privacy and in the same time to protect my neighbors from the disturbances made on our land. This means that trees will be higher that houses, the plants will reduce noise etc. A part of a land should be used to plant vegetables, to enjoy being surrounded with nature and to work in a garden after hard day in office. This will be place of escape for hard-working urban people who want to be in contact with nature: in the garden and in the swimming pool. The other parcels at this land should be used in the same way: to provide its residents a place where they can enjoy in everyday life, in a house that is tailor-made to their needs and in surrounding that accepts its diversity while in the same time this diversity does not affect others more than they can accept.