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Application Number 0001001853
Author hunter, erin , United States
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Work title: Belfast at the Crossroads- City of Walls, or the difference between you & me (0001001853)

Our former ground can no longer be occupied. We now only exist in the realms above and below the damaged earth. In these walls, we hide. In these stories-these fictions, we immerse ourselves. The histories are buried within the walls. They remain part of our collective past. The collections of pages accumulate around a center, a void, in which we gather. The words mask us from the outside-chaos, and from each other-discontent. The fire burns in the ground, and the smoke projects outward to greet those of us still on the outside. The newest Peace Walls of Belfast, on the site of the former Police Barracks, is a hub for the Third Realm of Belfast, one which pushes for the redefinitions of the existing Peace Walls of Belfast, as sites of gathering and protest of the divides. In this realm, we all coexist together, anonymously, for the future of Belfast. In this wall exists a shared collection of things, stories, and histories...a place of blind exchange, and common possessions...a place to remember the past... & a pit of fire, around which to mask ourselves, gather, and exist.