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Application Number 0001001850
Author cecile, metaireau cecile, France
Coauthors Coudamy, Martial ,
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Work title: NECECITY (0001001850)

Capitalism is making a slum planet. The contemporary, characterized by the continuous shock management attempt, processes an unexpected creative method of thinking. Early times bring us to consider Utopia as not as ”the best future desired”, choosing in present the sexiest basement of it, but Utopiazing stronger issues of present, operating as a catharsis, intellectually and democratically efficient in future building. European capital cities discovered recently the supposed urban and social incompatibility cohabitation caused by the romani moving across legally allow to move but unable to establishing, arrivals of young Maghreb young men (increasing the foreign underage isolated contingent from Mali, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and others) after Mediterranean revolutions, and still growing homeless individuals settlement in public space as the pauperization increase, and also the constant contestation movement appropriating compound of paperless people, poor workers, families and students, artistic and intellectual scene finding in the same time appropriation as the way of producing in margin spaces, finally the hidden social practices; all this phenomenon globally operates in essence by conquest of cities, looking for safety for hours or months, fighting with law representation, focus on necessity of living and producing a kind of humanity sense looking for recognition of their conditions, and subversive way of thinking. In the same time, appears in authorized social practices municipal currencies, free sharing experiences by time accounting, internet second hand market creating infinite used for objects, all of shared by several social environments. Far away the “demand-offer” thin paradigm, is the spontaneous creation of locally- globalized rules emerging. By this way, progress and/by prosperity, understood as the XXth only promise, peaceful esthetic for bodiless cities for good citizen, green colored of course, sickness, madness and death prohibition in infinite life technology religion are wrong guides for future, as it was for past. Reality is the self destruction of the raw material of capitalism, in the first sense, because of the physical limits, and for, The Consent! Over the “crisis”, future smells flesh, bodies fighting for life, brains twisting mad for support desire of new paradigm, sometimes dying, hurtful, but perforce living, creatively. People from collateral consequences to contest (who) People forced to necessity of living, thinking, creating, since the lowest to the highest liberty level in societies, the outcast of the urban process. Borderline people, the fringe. It''s different groups of people that mixed up to each other rarely, but in the same time they can be connected with their own ethnic or cultural group all across the world. It''s maybe people who denied Koolhaas''s “Exodus” trying to escape from the idea of being “The Voluntary Prisoners of Architecture”. What is a Symbolic City? (where) Epicenter capital cities and near, the neighbours of crossing migrants roads, where coming it’s easy, by car, train and plane. Hyperconcentrations... Slumization ? (how) The present urban revolution practices in European capital cities for example, are operating not by the political-intelligentsia planning innovative city projects, but in a “conquistador” appropriation of empty or half-empty places in cities by national or foreign human groups of collateral geopolitical and economic crisis. The “conquistador” urban appropriation and local emerging growing useful practices from intellectual, economic, or living necessity are meaning a global “NeceCity” way of life, in capital cities, and smallest, as the increase of crisis consequences migrates through middle class large part. NECECITY (what) NeceCity is a creative reaction to hypermodernity, basically process in living life. It’s process of adaptability, resuscitation of the inert form of the city by life. The phenomenon is produce by the desire in an undesired space. Two non-desired things give life to the desire itself, subsistence and existence desire. Our political task nowadays, is to imagine and create a totally different city, away from this awful mess created by the globalizing capital and rapid urbanization. This start by changing our daily urban life. The Paris Commune, socialism or communism are impossible proposals in the space of one city. but that does not mean that we must turn our backs on the city as an incubator of ideas, ideals and revolutionary movements. The production of urban life should bring out revolutionary impulses. When it becomes recognized that those who make urban life have the right to make their claims heard on what they produced, and that such claims are entitled to make a city in the image of their desires, then can happen a city policy that makes sense. "The city may be dead," said Henri Lefebvre, but "Long life to the city". Dichotomous Utopia (synthetis) Urban refreshed in cities conquest by nececity citizen, from globalized micro local needs and creativity adaptation. Future is struggle for life, living for conquer future. Dichotomous approach about moral borders: needs, health, desire, belief, democracy…