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Application Number 0001001848
Author ragonese, marco , Italy
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Work title: welcome wastislands (0001001848)

WHO: The Eu is a “community” based exclusively on an economic identity. A unifying economic system sets countries that has to stay in or out. Only the Countries that are capable to maintain a certain consumption level are admitted. But the consumerism produces a large amount of waste that is not easy to recycle. Wastes are invading cities, polluting lands and sea. In the same time, EU has the imperfect duty to welcome all populations who come in Europe to search for a better life, better works able to change their human condition. Every year, the Mediterranean Sea is crossed by several boats coming from the Northern Africa. This desperate people are considered a surplus by the consumerism system. They have not a work, they don''t not produce. As Bauman affirms, they are human waste. Wastes are invading cities, raising a feeling of urban insecurity. HOW: The Zeitgest of 21th century is Fear. Sustainability the new religion. How is possible to balance the fear of a ecological crack – growing the waste production level - and of a social disaster causing by invasion of human waste? Architects have to give form to the desire of social and ecological sustainability. They have to go beyond panic rooms, gated communities, city cctv, and all symbols of this era. WHERE: In Mediterranean Sea, EU will create new spaces to collect all wastes and to recycle them. New islands created by solid wastes and inhabited by human wastes: a sustainable archipelago that will be the first supranational territory held by EU. Each island will be designed and urbanized following the first seed of sustainable paranoia: the garden city by Ezbner Howard. WHAT: The archipelago will be formed by a number of islands equal to the Member States of EU. In this way it will grow up according to accesses in the Community by new Nations. Every island will be built by wastes coming from the EU members: in this way every national territory will be reclaimed from pollutions, reaching the claimed ecological sustainability EU standard. The new soils of islands will permit to develop a new kind of bio-diversity, according to the transformations and treatments of wastes. These new offshore paradises will be able to recycle also human wastes: all immigrants will be welcomed and will start to work in industrial plants built on the islands. The archipelago will be a new economic subject able to compete with emerging Economies in the Global Market. The aim is to use the work force of people who have nothing to lose and to permit to them to reach the EU standard level of productivity and consumption. Of course, welcomed people will not make land in Europe if they will not reach this goal... SYNTHESIS: The (imperfect) duty of welcome at all costs will become an economic operator. The inhabitants of islands will become a prototype of new consumer and producer. EU companies that are on the islands will grow in the Global Market, beating Chinese and Indian companies. The first 27 islands will be completed within 5 years. In every EU Country the perception of crime will go down, the pollutions level will decrease at minimum. New State Members will enter in the Union and new island will be built. Architects will become certainty makers. Every EU member will call them to redesign new spaces on own territory set free from all kind of waste. A new theory of “fourth landscape” will be settled. EU will call architects to design the Mediterranean archipelago starting from landscape settings to single building designs. New architecture testing – language, shapes, urban plans - will permit to create several generations of sustainable archistars.