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Application Number 0001001845
Author Pavičić, Borna , Croatia
Coauthors Ćelović, Aleksandar , Croatia
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Work title: Moral Urban Algorithm (0001001845)

Our intention was farther than creating a modern utopia, we created a method which provides one. We invented Modern Urban Algorithm. Focus of MUA is public space which defines and regulates built fabric. Public space becomes main conductor for regaining social confidence and promoting morality. I. Kant has taught us that although every human has in his consciousness moral law, he chooses whether he will obey it or not. As architects we strongly believe that we can influence moral law in human consciousness by providing space in which human feels fulfilled and wants to share his fulfilment with society. Providing human fulfilment we aimed to affect two main streams of human life Le Corbusier mentioned long ago. Those two are: things which human does alone providing him enough quality housing with close relation to ground and nature and things human does with others providing him sizeable quality and quantity of public space. Public space+ except huge green areas, sport fields and squares also contains social institutions and work hybridized at one place, but with logical ratio. It is well known that habitat''s health is measured in the speed of it''s transport, so we provided fast and highly effective interconnected hierarchy of rings under the ground level reaching every area in algorithm. Whole built fabric is sustainable providing lower expenses and healthy environment. MUA is a system applicable everywhere (new habitat, interpolation in existing urban fabric, not topography dependant). MUA accepts everybody and promotes interaction between different subjects in order to create heterogeneous population to avoid zone conflicts common to zoned habitats. „MUA maintenance“ regulates every unit in single living base must contain at least one family from every social status. MUA is built by investor which is paid off and profits from citizens'' „MUA membership“. Citizens pay monthly membership which covers all habitats expenses, half of money goes to investor, half for MUA maintenance and improvement. Citizen can leave MUA or change living unit whenever they want. While two things awe us most, the starry sky above us and the moral law within us, we are sure that the hard ground below us can be saved, an ethical algorithm is found!