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Application Number 0001001837
Author Krhlanko, Dana , Croatia
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Work title: Alive (0001001837)

THE REBEL The Rebel voice, Coming from everywhere. Trees are whispering, The Earth is trembling, Deep in each of us Like an echo................. I want to live my true nature! Let me show myself, Let me express my beauty and talents. I am the power, The creator of my life, my truth. It’s not the revolution. There are no manifestos, No answers, no -ism-s. Just a simple urge to be native. Unstoppable change. Taking over the responsibility, Celebrating the moment, Feeling alive. (WHO) Every person is unique and special, No finger print is the same. Talents are numerous, Magically combined in every soul Giving every individual a peculiar shape.   (WHERE) Where the waves hit the shore City meets the sky, The eagle flies. In a shelter from 2ndWR, In an old barn, On the top of the social housing block. (HOW) Every tree grows from its seed. You cannot take the universal form of a tree and force the seed to grow into that shape. Every structure we build needs to stem from the source that has inspired it. The force, the whole design, is in the seed. So, the uniqueness is in every person and in every community. We live in an exciting moment. Houses can be totally independent from networks in terms of energy. Being hooked to networks has determined urban planning as it is today. Social metamorphoses inspired by a thousand rebel voices are opening possibilities of a way of life, earning and forming communities. There is the big range of building materials, from straw bales to sophisticated types of glass, giving us the possibility to really choose. The door of the cage is open. A bird just needs to spread its wings and fly. (WHAT) A2live (AliveArchitecture), is the extension of our bodies, being unique and exceptional, as every person on the planet is. It is dynamic and adoptable according to our ever changing needs, offering recourse for the talents and human growth. A2live has no style. A formal expression is just the consequence of the inner force driven from its existence, based on the need and distinctiveness of a person or community it serves. It resonates with the user as it stems from the same source of energy and as such feels fine on all levels of perception. A2live grows in a natural process. The seed in a client/user/originator gets planted in the Earth- the place where new structure will grow. It can be an empty plot, an existing building, a tree......The architect acts like the sun and water, feeding and nourishing. The Architect’s role is crucial in the process of growth therefore what comes through nutrients is vital and influential for the rise. Still, the whole design is imprinted in the seed. The Architect is to be able to read/feel/touch/smell/see the code and then nourish the process of development of the idea in the world of information. The last step is the actual physical rise of the man - made structure, which is the natural outcome of a process happening through the synergy of the seed, the Earth and the architect A2live is part of nature as it follows the patterns imprinted in our originality and as such cannot harm the planet.   (SYNTHESIS) Music plays. My body moves driven by invisible forces. I feel the space and other dancers flowing on the same wave heart gets huge, breath takes over........ Finally alive Sitting around the fire feeling my ass on the ground Staring at the burning logs Thank you earth Finally alive Letting my voice coming from the belly screaming, singing, swearing.... Uf, someone can hear me! YES, I hear myself! Finally alive