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Application Number 0001001833
Author gurau, oana , Romania
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Work title: The Mirroring (0001001833)

The jobs available for humanists are outnumbered by those for engineers. More and more people give up their abilities in order to survive such a society. From another point of view, if the current building process is constant, green spaces will be another thing of the past. There is a need of a community that takes up a limited space and that offers its inhabitants a chance to evolve all of their abilities. WHO The subject is invariably the person. However, it will be extruded into three atmospheres-the Child, the Shell, the living human, and the Superhuman, the virtual existence. There is a need of all three of them for each individual. The University of Childhood, where every infant will attend, is a centrum of creativity, which both modulates humans and harvests modes of thinking that fades away at a later stage of life: the instinct, the lateral thinking, the daydreaming. These characteristics will infuse concepts ultimately turned into practice by the Shell. This category of the Who is a collection of researchers and apprentices that are mediators between the Child and the Superhuman. They are creating virtual worlds, continually expanding and evolving them. They work in labs, have a common gathering place where they discuss their findings of The Child, and satisfy their basic needs as humans. The Superhuman is the virtual person, a flexible, infinite character living outside time and space. WHERE This could happen anywhere in the world. For the sake of specificity, the Transylvania Plateau has been chosen, as it is an area surrounded by mountains and fresh air, enhancing the good health of the inhabitants of the city. The size of the area is similar to a small town, of 30.000 people. The environment does not allow further construction because later generations will nomad to another space. Since we cut from the beginning the parental emotions, there will be no strong affiliations between dwellers, thus enabling nomadism of next generations. The only built space needed is that for working and sleeping-the safety and little from psychological needs. The rest of them will be satisfied virtually. HOW The architecture for the Shell will be created by architects with the aid of engineers and will have a form that will not need any further alterations or expansions. Materials used will be concrete and glass. The virtual world will be created by architects as well, having as starting concepts the needs of the people and the materialization of creative arts-literature, cinema, theatre, music etc. There is no need of currency or of government. WHAT The architect is a Shell just like the others. However, he is the only Shell able to directly educate the other Shells. Every individual of this city has its own chart, where one can see how satisfied his needs are. The Architect’s responsibility is to make sure that by then end of their lives, every human will have satisfied all their needs, through the use of the Virtual world. The Architect is a re-God- he does not create people, he re-creates them, by taking the essence from the Child and re-installing it in the Shell through the Superhuman. The appearance of the Superhuman, and not the evolution of the Shell reduces the input of humanity on Earth. The planet is let to regenerate, by minimizing the Shell’s expansion and maximizing the Superhuman’s. The morality of this is evident. By the end of their lives, people will be accomplished as humans. Immoral tools: 1. Taking children form their parents, putting them in a controlled environment and analyzing them. 2. Turning the human into a Shell, a ‘robot’ that will not have personality. 3. This world will not allow development, but will only be a translation and reinterpretation of history. Its quality will be of course better and better. 4. The feelings and the logical will be divided and not allowed to intermingle. There will be no freedom. SYNTHESIS The presented utopia will revolve around a University of Childhood, a society within a society that generates thinking which humanity can ultimately cultivate. The childhood agora will be surrounded by the network of universities (Astronomy, Physics, Architecture, Mathematics, Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Medicine) and their affiliated research centres. This is where the Shells will be working, by gathering children data and implementing its creativity and innovation into technology. A working space will provide a continuum debate and exchange of ideas between all the departments. Further away, there lies the common eating space and then the residential area, a plateau of micro-communities, each hosting up to 50 persons. Outside the micro communities, there is the agriculture space, controlled by robots. After working and eating, every Shell returns to its house. He accesses its repertoire of virtual worlds-fighting the war, entering a book about love, seeing Swan Lake in the 1920s etc. Every couple of months, the Architect comes to the micro communities and analyzes every individual to check the satisfaction percentage of each need. Once returned to the lab, he will increase the satisfaction of the needs by giving them a virtual tactility: another virtual world that the Superhuman will enter.