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Application Number 0001001831
Author Radim, Louda , Belgium
Coauthors Rad, Louda , Belgium
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Work title: An Individual Boulè, A Temporary Monument (0001001831)

An Individual Boulè, A Temporary Monument The contemporary society gets through an “economic crisis”; however in reality the threat is much broader. Indeed, the popular discontent linked to the weakening of the political power put the society in a state of pressure. A crisis of the Politikos ! (the politics in a larger sense, the one of civility or Politikos, indicates the general frame of a developed and organized society). If we consider the definition of Aristotle of the politics as a decision making for the common good, for the way individuals and different groups of people can live together, we can consider the City (the Polis in the Ancient Greek) as the space where people can coexist. The fact is, that the city as a political space, the Agora, doesn’t work anymore in a global context of consumers culture and overspreading new media. Considering that architecture is shaped by our society as well as it shapes it, it is necessary to bring back the city as a base for a democratic debate. An Individual Boulè, A Temporary Monument WHERE/WHO/HOW De optimo rei publicae statu, deque nova insula Utopia. Thomas More “An Individual Boulè, A Temporary Monument” use the global utopia as a site. The planet is shrinking ! The erase of physical borders due to the global market and the raise of new technologies had reduced the planet to an environment essentially composed by a set of spectacular clichés. Through a formal contortion, architecture tries to give the illusion of the multiplicity of identities in a discipline that has already lost all of its content. As an opportunist, avoiding to see the truth, contemporary architecture flows around the world, repeating till the nausea another variation of its shiny surface. Starchitecture has become the first realised global utopia. In this sense, the Individual Boulè considers itself as the first global monument in history. “An Individual Boulè, A Temporary Monument” is made for the human. More than ever the “universal man” becomes a reality. The opening that the global world has allowed has transformed the utopia in a fact. Geographical and cultural boundaries are disappearing. People get more and more concerned by a global state of the planet. In this context, a moral border has no other choice than to consider the mankind as the subject. “An Individual Boulè, A Temporary Monument” is done by the Metropolis. In Ancient Greek, the polis was a City-state, a community of autonomous and free citizens. The polis contained an agora, a public space in which the commerce, religions and politics cohabited. Nowadays, the contemporary Metropolis has been amputated of its political dimension. In order, to be able to become again a political space, the city has to find the power not elsewhere than in itself. WHAT/SYNTHESIS In the Ancient Greek cities, the Boulè ( Βουλή) was a restrained assembly of citizens in charge of the laws of the city. “An Individual Boulè, A Temporary Monument” is a temporary installation essentially composed of a metallic structure and a white, water and UV resistant fabric. Shaped in a cylindrical form, the volume is empty . Inside, the downer part of the void is shaped in a cyclorama like form. The whole is open to the sky. According to the context, the general dimensions can vary from a radius of 5m till 60m and a height from 10m to 60m. A metallic staircase sticks out from the only opening of the volume’s facade. The 2m high and 1 m deep rectangular hole, leads to a long and tiny floating platform, ending near the center of the void. Meant to be installed in the city’s main square, this temporary architecture acts as a pure and generic spatial intervention. Considering that an absolute architecture is the creation of a space through the set of limits, the volume refers to nothing else but itself. This strong limit divides the space of the city into two entities: the general context of the city, and, in its heart, an autonomous void. One by one, each citizen climbs the stairs and enters into the space. Due to the absence of corners, the citizen stares at a infinite white space dominated by the sky. After a while, he comes back to the city. Spread around the world, the installation is built in each city. As the space is limited to one person, the size of the installation doesn’t depend on the number of citizens. The scale can change however the space, already infinite, will remain the same. Slowly, year after year, all the structures will be dismantled. People will remember a feeling of dizziness, aweak memory of an experience of the white void. An Individual Boulè is the first temporary global monument of the history. It tries, in a limited time space, to give back to the city the status of a political space. An Individual Boulè is a manifestation of a deep believe that architecture, in his essence, through the set of limits, embodies the necessary energy to bring the democratical debate back to the people.