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Application Number 0001001823
Author Miketek, Stjepan , Croatia
Coauthors Kovacic, Katarina , Croatia
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Work title: RE-CYCLING THE SOCIETY (0001001823)

What is moral? By definition derived from Latin word moral is a message conveyed or a lesson to be learned from a story or event. There are no written rules only common knowledge regarding moral and its borders. But every person has an implanted set of rules of behavior planted by others or created by one self. These are often adjusted to meet one need. Do we set new rules, do implant them, or do we create an EVENT to learn from? What is the genesis of Utopia? Humans are imperfect by nature, but have great desire to explore and develop, invent and survive. It is only normal to conclude that society we create is imperfect but striving to a greater goal. In such society the idea of utopia is born, a dream of perfect society. Therefore we can conclude that one cannot exist without other, they are bind to co-exist. Whether in reality or in imagination Utopia is possible. What is holding us from creating Utopia of our own? We are the prisoners of ourselves, our actions and decisions are what makes us as human beings. We live in world we did not chose to live, but we adapt and upgrade it to our wishes. Also we granted us the luxury to remove what does not fit in our idea of OUR world. If you do not live by the common laws set by your society you will be punished, will be isolated, will be corrected. Also, our actions sometimes do to nature what is not right, what should be corrected, still we do not punish ourselves for those actions. Pollution can be seen as a cumulative reaction to our actions. In order to create Utopia we have to be mind full of these both, action and reaction within society and between society and surrounding is essential if we should try to create or at least set Utopia as goal. This is exciting, what if we try to create Utopia of impossible elements? What if we combine factors we think of as wrong, what if we let them interact and see what happens? Why don''t we try to let Utopia happen instead of trying to create it? Those who failed to live up to the rules of society, prisoners, those who have broken laws should be the subject, let us see what society can they create, give them another chance. But where? Somewhere where all of our bad doings have accumulated. In the pacific ocean, there is a site of accumulated waste creating the great pacific garbage patch. Years of polluting, ocean currents have silently been gathering waste in one spot. This is a space of dense history, a container of all those things we threw away, things that do not belong to our society anymore. Can we combine these two? Let us build a starting point, a prison settlement in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Give it a possibility and see what happens. It is not a dream, it is a reality. Can they co-exist within itself? Will there be chaos, or will they see this as a new opportunity? All the things they need to survive is there, recycling the garbage patch they will gather all those things they need to live, eat, survive. Only their determination will set the boundaries of how much can they evolve. They are crafting a new world for themselves, and thus making our world better. As Utopia can not exist without imperfect society, their world cannot exist without ours, their feeding material is leftover ours, they recycle it and create something better. Their common origin and goal is what should keep them together. Also a place of diversity, unique individuals of unified greater group. For a starting point a combined effort of governments decide to solve the problem of polluting the Oceans by creating a starting settlement in the Pacific. As it is expensive for one government to conduct this alone, they work together. Also the working force is free, they suggest the prisoners, who are willing to join this experiment to go and work at the patch site. They are free to live and behave as they want on that site, they are of great potential, they have determination to show what they can do. Recycling the plastic waste among other they create new easily fabricated elements thus expanding their settlement. They will create new laws, new moral borders, will it be Utopia? Perhaps, most likely for them selves but time will show what it will be. They can create something unique and exciting, attraction to all not just them. Utopia is the journey, not destination, trying to create something better and even failing is the EVENT anyway, one we all can learn from.