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Application Number 0000801733
Author Kolnaar, Tom , Netherlands
Coauthors Trumbo Vila, Sol , Spain
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Work title: THE CITY AS CONFLICT (0000801733)

The constant reduction of the trade barriers and the expansion and consolidation of a global market based economy influences directly political decisions. National borders have loosed its position as barriers for trade; hence its previous decisive political influence. The traditional violent conflicts between regions and countries have been gradually displaced by a fierce economical competition; with terrible environmental and social consequences. Nowadays regions, countries and cities are constantly fighting in order to attract as much international flows of capital as possible. The globalized world works as a global network through which the current massive production and consumption economy operates. The constant movement of capital and commodities is the main characteristic of the current economic system. This international network requires hubs in order to operate. Being connected to this network has become essential for all countries and societies; exclusion means fewer opportunities for economic growth; which nowadays it is believed as the only path for poverty reduction and prosperity.