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Application Number 0000801710
Author Lahoud, Adrian , Australia
Coauthors Szwarcbord, Samuel , Australia
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Work title: Mediterranean Union (0000801710)

This project is about two lines. The first line is invisible. It runs horizontally from east to west across the Mediterranean Sea. Like the contour lines on a weather forecast, it bends and twists according to the vast differentials of pressure between North and South. The second line is impossible. It loops around and circles the first in order to intensify its contradictions. It groups together a series of Mediterranean cities in order to form a single corridor of mobility that circles the sea. Linking the Maghreb to the Levant and the Aegean coast while continuing through the Balkans to southern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula, thus forming a single continuous loop of the Mediterranean basin from the Bosporus to Gibraltar. The line connects twenty-one separate states, four time zones, seven major seas and integrate the economies of Asia, Africa and Europe. The combined population of the littoral states is half a billion people. Eventually, the line begins to thicken and expand and a new transversal state is formed. The state is based on a principle of open citizenship and a guarantee of free passage, but contradictions soon become apparent…