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Application Number 0000801697
Author Keane, Declan Patrick, Ireland
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Work title: Towards Permanism (0000801697)

These drawings explore the role of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in the development of camps for displaced persons. The UNHCR immediate response plan is an idealized western urban morphology based on the implementation of tents for single family units of 1-6 persons and building upwards, and is used as the template for a temporary camp layout. The border between Chad and Sudan is used as a reference site, based on the significant amount of camp development due to conflict induced migration. The two camps illustrated, Farchana and Touloum, are indicative of the application of the UN plan to refugee camps along the 150 km border, and the subsequent rapid development and densification. Once applied to the site this idealized urbanism is transformed physically in a much more informal manner based on geography, local practices, and geo-political events. As situations become more protracted the camps exhibits movements towards permanence, through the construction of building based on vernacular architecture.