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Application Number 0000801695
Author delli Ponti, Alessandro , France
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Work title: THE POSSIBILITY OF AN ISLAND (0000801695)

Lampedusa is a spot geography in the geo-political barycentre of the Mediterranean Sea. It is an Italian island, 3 km large and 13 km long, with a permanent population of 6.340 units. The CPT (centre for temporary migrants’ stay) is a 3000 mq militarised space in Lampedusa. The CPT, for Italy’s spatial standards, could host 190 people. The migration fluxes touching Lampedusa, in times of international crises (such that of the Nato-Libian war) is of 200.000 units, and promises to augment its charge in the future. At the present moment, the CPT of Lampedusa is de-facto the European Port for African Migration, the closest to both continents, the less controlled, a possible gateway to a declared or undeclared life in Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, England, Belgium or the Nederland, for many people escaping from thirst, hunger, wars and despair in its many forms. We state that Lampedusa can become the locus of the evolution from National-Militarism to International Cooperation! Lampedusa can become a Shared Spatial Palimpsest between European Union and African Union. A Trans/National_Inter/Continental Mediterranean Capital City Its Geography should be read as an Hyper-Public Space, a real Public Geography. The Shared Palimpsest of the Relational Potential between distant languages, territories and distant law systems. People will meet in the Geographical Infrastructure and maybe build a new cultural approach to trans-national integration. Administrative Migration Management looses sense as well as the Traditional “Administrative” issue of Architecture. The collaborative Landscape is the spatial basis for trans-national work policies that help people from different nations decide to move elsewhere in reason of a demand offer you they’ll meet in Lampedusa.