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Application Number 0000801694
Author Gkirti, Despoina , Greece
Coauthors Dimopoulos, Efthymios , Greece
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Work title: Common Visions: The case of Prespa Region (0000801694)

Dynamics, conflicts In the case of the borders between Greece, Albania and F.Y.R.O.M., the natural limits function more like connectors than barriers. The road system and the river system can be understood as canals of mobility that with their function try to break the limit and connect villages, crops and different ecosystems. The different human activities and the use of land of each country alter the balance of the natural system of the region, leaving their trademark on the landscape. As counterpoints they bear the differentiated identities of different communities. The communities that live there address their needs separately to different locations and kinds of services, creating socio-spatial inequalities and segregation. Analyzing the borders we find some zones in transition, at slopes with minimal or average relief, along roads, in the edge of the boundary line and customs. Opportunities All these processes that take place in the region of Prespa create also many opportunities, if seen through a synthetic view. Conditions that can be seen in one perspective as problematic and negative can be interpreted also as values that create opportunities, such as immigration or zones in transition. A basic criterion to create a coherent approach would be to acquire a balance between unity and variety in respect with the different characteristics and varieties. The elasticity and permeability are one possible way of dealing with limits in order to treat different identities without eliminating them. Thus it is possible to form a strategy that can create a common ground for the development of common visions for the area. To achieve this goal different elements will be used and transformed in a system of connections, transitional zones and interdependencies.