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Application Number 0000801692
Author O''Malley, Katharine Lyons, United States
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Work title: Timeless Replica: Boathouse + Time Travel Portal (0000801692)

BEFORE DIAGRAM: The Diomede Islands function as mirror images—identical and opposite cliffs spanning the International Date Line 52 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Little Diomede (Alaska) occupies the space of yesterday relative to Big Diomede (Russia), which correspondingly exists in relative tomorrow. Increasing availability of digital media has led to a population that traverses geographical divides via tiny screens and satellite imagery. Maps are imperfect, yet lines are drawn and posited as fact. Timeless Replica encourages a return to phenomenologically focused experience, beginning with the International Date Line and speculating methods of crossing borders on both physical and conceptual levels. AFTER DIAGRAM: The project proposes a boathouse/time travel portal. Visitors arrive on Little Diomede, board ships, and sail west across the International Date Line and through a tunnel carved into the shore of Big Diomede. The ships then navigate a tight circle around the North Pole at approximately 30mph. Some ships travel with the rotation of the Earth, while others move against it. Each journey lasts one calendar week, so travelers heading west experience six sunrises and sunsets, while those heading east experience eight. How long is a minute? an hour? a day? a week? Exposure to manipulated conditions that are widely seen as fixed leads visitors to emerge from weeklong voyages with a heightened sense of personal agency and newfound ability to perceive nuance in their surroundings. Formal considerations in the design of the boathouse, the placement of a frame on the ridge of Little Diomede, and mirrored breakwaters between the islands aim to complement travelers’ experiences at sea, broaden traditional understandings of what it means to occupy space, and investigate the power of threshold. Borders are simultaneously burry and crystal clear, manifestations of visceral truth and fantastic fiction.