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Application Number 0000801691
Author Tabori, Natasa -, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coauthors Halilagić, Aida -, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pelja, Goran , Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pelja, Goran -, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long history, but recent war (1992 - 1995) has marked our lives significantly. Former Republic of Yugoslavia became a state in 1992 and immediately after the proclamation of independence was attacked by former Yugoslav Army. Peace agreement was reached in Dayton in 1995, after four years of horrible and devastating war. All sides – Croats, Muslims and Serbs, involved in the war agreed upon division of a country into two parts – Republika Srpska – with a majority of Serb population and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – with the majority of Muslim and Croat population. Between two parts Inter Entity Boundary Line was drawn upon maps. Today there are no physical barriers between two entities on the boundary line, but population, once united in Yugoslavia, is completely divided. Ethnic prejudice are part of our lives. Ethnic “key” is law upon which we base our lives in every segment. Common history no longer exist, but we divide it and make a strange puzzles out of it, which do not fit all together. Antifascist struggle in Second World War in which all former Yugoslav nations and ethnicities took part is no longer “in” and nobody remembers it with much sympathy, since new way of fascism was part of our lives recently and still is… We ask ourselves, by doing this research, is there a way out of this strange situation we live in for almost two decades? Are we capable of living otherwise but in these so artificial “ethnic boxes”? Is this, once Olympic City able to rise again from divisions of every kind? Dayton Inter Entity Boundary Line divides Sarajevo, among other spots, on this particular part which we choose to do our research on, which once was Memorial Park “Vraca” (name of a neighborhood). Today this beautiful park is demolished and abandoned by both sides. Children do not come to make a history lesson here with their professors. That part of a history seems to be erased, not only intentionally, but literally as well, since names of citizens of Sarajevo who lost their lives then are demolished. Walls that once beared their names are empty today, like our minds. It seems we dreamed to live in those times… We introduce water, as an element that means life, to this ruined open space, in order to “wash away our sins” and to revive this place. Water is a new start. Water can not choose its flow, up to or beyond the administrative border. Its purpose is to purify the space, the minds of people, to introduce new ideas and to raise a will to create better places. Water means new life for all of us, no matter if we are Serb, Muslim, Croat, Jew, or Gipsy… Water, from frozen state of erased history transforms itself to a kind of a river over the revived Memorial.