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Application Number 0000801687
Author Martínez Suárez, Alex , Dominican Republic
Coauthors Vargas Rivera, Melisa , Dominican Republic
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Work title: PUBLIC FREE-TRADE GROUND (0000801687)

The Public Free-Trade Ground is an urban and social device that, by delimiting space and providing sanitary facilities, creates the conditions for all the micro-transactions that take place on a daily basis at the Hatian-Dominican border to occur in a more dignified manner. If on one hand we have to model of the Zona Franca (Free-Trade Factory), characterized by it’s state-of-the-art facilities and private nature, on the other we have the informal open market fairs that occur on a regular basis at the border towns a few days a week. While one is exclusive and controled the other is accesible; while one is serviced the other isn’t. The device proposed intends to counter the negative elements of each model by creating a new one: an inclusive public space provided with basic facilities that hosts commercial and cultural exchanges. It is a place for transaction and negotiation, for the possibility of commercial gain but at the micro-scale. The Public Free-Trade Ground establishes a non-hierarchical system that is open, yet has a minimum degree of formal intervention.