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Application Number 0000801680
Author Mande, Rena , United States
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Work title: from Line to Zone (0000801680)

After 9/11, there became such an impetus for homeland security. In 2006, the US government implemented the Secure Fence Act essentially funding a border wall between the US and Mexico. Yet it is widely understood that the US and Mexico are increasingly dependent on each other, most evidently illustrated by the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement. This thesis provides an alternative vision to this proposed solution: it redefines the “walled” border condition in light of increasingly democratic and international factors. This scenario requires a reinterpretation of border territories from limitative frontiers to collective transitional environments. In doing so, the project shall propose a new typology for border crossings. The project uses the US /Mexico border, focusing at San Ysidro, to develop an autonomous structure addressing this experience of liminality. Instead of conceiving the border line as a singular divider, it is to focus on recognizing and distinguishing the thickness of the border zone. The border is a third space. It is not one or the other. It forms its own entity driven by and based on its connections and its own boundaries. Those boundaries aren’t clear, and they aren’t a form themselves, but a connected network of domains, encompassing aspects from every direction. It is not linear, it is not just above or below, it is not only central, it is not simply continuous, but projected. It is a spatiotemporal zone of opportunity. A space for gathering. A place of belonging. The project also proposes the use of the residual to drive production. The area is to be developed as a series of waste treatment centers, giving the border zone its own ecology and economy. The continuous structure provides infrastructural elements for a new conception of geo-political control. These efforts are to be self-governing through a morphology of ecological infrastructure. These local actions resonate on the same agenda across the globe. They are to redefine the boundary as collaborative.