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Application Number 0000801678
Author Micocci, Fabiano , Italy
Coauthors Lippa, Cristiano , Italy
Scarpetti, Lorenzo , Italy
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Work title: MEDCITY - A network of ports for the international cooperation (0000801678)

The Mediterranean Sea in the 20th century is a place of conflicts and tension. Processes of mobility are due to the increasing contrast between the European countries and North Africa and the Middle East. Migrants face unsecure sea travel conditions, intense border security controls and often, detention. Many migrants are trapped in a temporary state of illegality and “erased” identity whilst awaiting their deportation. Can the Mediterranean become a space of citizenship and social interaction? For centuries the Mediterranean Sea has been characterized by the mobility of people and goods, and sharing knowledge. The Portolano Maps, the common guides for sailors, were the instrument for sailing orientation; they pointed the right direction to safe and acquainted places along the coastline. Today we need to re-think this map on account of new travelers. The itinerary of illegal immigration shows a double layered map: the routes of illegal, unsafe, dangerous and military controlled sea travels towards close and easy reachable arrivals; and the main routes that connect ports and the main cities. Most of the time migrants are trapped in these routes, pending their admission or deportation. Today the Mediterranean Sea has become a place of confinement. A modern Portolano map is necessary because of the new “sailors”. New reference points are needed. The proposed map counts three new ports, located in international waters at the crossroads of illegal courses. These are places for reception, knowledge and cooperation and provide a safe landing to secure places. They also recommend a political agenda.