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Application Number 0000801677
Author Kalil, Artur Marques, United States
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Work title: Trellising the Critical Hinge - The Border as Protagonist of Informal Growth and Integration in South America (0000801677)

CONNECTIVE TISSUE The frontier between Brazil and its nne neighbors is the connective tissue of a megaregion continent. CRITICAL POINT AT HINGE The pinch where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet is the critical point between the nonintegrated-gap and the functioning core CULTURE OF INFORMALITY Informal development is inevitable in South American cities. The popular culture penetrates every aspect of Latin development too deeply to not be integrated into planned growth. Informal businesses accounts for over 60% of all commerce in Brazil. Such a proportion cannot be ignored, the key to transitioning from the non-integrated gap to the functioning core lies in the definition itself - INTEGRATION.