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Application Number 0000801673
Author ionescu, bogdan , Romania
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Work title: 1(+2=3) SOLUTION (0000801673)

WHAT IS THE TRUE NATURE OF THE PALESTINIAN-ISRAELIAN CONFLICT? The conflict is based on the two narratives, each claiming there is only one true connection with the land. Each of the two narratives exclude (and is based on the EXCLSION of) the other. No side is RECOGNIZING the other side. Instead there is a very complex apparatus dealing with this problem - so an INTER-FACE (ideological, military, even physical) is created. THE SEPARATION WALL is (only) a visible part of this interface. It function as a LIMIT, a DELIMITATION, as an apparatus for CONTROL, but it is also an act of LEGITIMIZATION of the Israelian state. The others can’t ignore it and, even more, they are forced to be a part of it, in the complex rituals of the passage through the checking points. HOW IS AFFECTED JERUSALEM/ AL-QUDS BY THIS SITUATION? IT POSSIBLE TO PRESERVE ITS COMPLEXITY? And CAN JERUSALEM/ AL-QUDS FUNCTION AS A CAPITAL FOR ISRAEL AND FOR THE FUTURE PALESTINIAN STATE? The answer is EXAPTATION - a concept used in anatomy and behavioral sciences, it describes a shifting of a function of a trait during evolution.In an inverse process, the CONTROL of city (and of THE WALL) is taken from the military and given to a civil administration of Jerusalem/Al-Quds. This scenario imagines AN EXTENDED JERUSALEM, governed only by a civil administration in which both nations could be represented. It doesn’t function as a state, but as a city. It is a CON - STRUCTION - a structure capable of attracting, adapting and including people.