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Application Number 0000801669
Author Kazi, Mehonaz Q, United States
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Work title: Anticipating Shadow (0000801669)

Addressing the rapid encroachment of the Sahara Desert, the Great Green Wall is an epic effort to plant a wall of trees spanning the edge of the Sahel. The divisional dynamics of the wall is intended to impact nature, hence surpassing all political borders. Redefining the wall as a porous, discontinuous, liminal zone that anticipates its site, this thesis questions the sustainability of the wall and offers a strategy that will negotiate with the desert and The Great Green Wall fails to address the constituents of the sand dunes whereby the stabilization is only local and on the surface. The architecture of my proposal is a field of framework of wind breakers that will catalyze transformations upon the temporal landscape. Tectonically engaging with shadows of the wind and the sun, the wind breakers creating moments of stasis for oases enabling a topological substrate that anticipates the growth of plants and the movement of travelers through formalized use of material geometry. Through synergistic reformulation of the desert landscape, the substrate induces a gradient of flow and growth.