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Application Number 0000801666
Author Bustos, Andrés Eduardo, Chile
Coauthors Caviedes, Carlos , Chile
De Stefani, Patricio , Chile
Echeverría, Patricio , Chile
Soriano, Andrés , Chile
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Work title: tsunami borderline (0000801666)

PRODUCTION OF TERRITORIES AS ALTERNATE STRATEGY FOR OBTAINING THE WELFARE STATE IN THE BORDER AREA CHILE PERU AND BOLIVIA Between reality and dream there is only one step, action, we live on stages that read our experiences and confront reality making them territories through expressing them socially, in them our dreams, hopes and conflicts found a place to coexist with day to day . Biopolitical action is an unlikely new in many parts of the world. Latin America is no exception, from the actions of native people, to projects such as the Bolivarian dream or the fight of Che Guevara. Our people are immersed in this logic of production that exceeds the idea of a nation state and translates a set of ideals that move us. These actions abound in our conversations and approaches, they become matters of political and administrative control by the countries, claims in international courts, diplomatic conflicts, etc. But in truth these are built the same way about this phenomenon on the edge of the border Chile, Peru and Bolivia. We develop a series of readings that open the discussion to the construction of a scenario of global reach that allows confront the history of these peoples in times of flexible accumulation capitalism.