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Application Number 0000801657
Author matušin, tomislav , Croatia
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Work title: geopolitical b(orders (0000801657)

This work attempts to argue that some of the most relevant projects forwarding socio-economic inclusion and artistic experimentation will emerge and are emerging from sites of abundance rather than from sites of scarcity, in the midst of the conflict between geopolitical borders, natural resources and marginal communities. Thinking on geopolitcal border is thinking not only on country borders. Through the example of Shell, we view the bigness and territorial aspiration of a multinational company. Summarized, Shell’s places of interest all over the world show in map.2 their lands of exploitation – an area as vast as France, the Benelux, Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic combined. The movie “Prison Fire” and interview with Oronto Douglas show the impossibility of citizens in coping with this concentration of power. And their rumor that changes must first occur in a regulated world. Regarding what_to_do_?solution this work did not go far as the contest required. It emphasizes mapping work of BUREAU E''ETUDES, who argue that the rise of dataesthetic practices are inseperable from the consolidation of biopolitical control over life systems. Their mapping practice itself holds out the possibility of a politically subversive use of data – not merely by providing a representation of power and counter-power but by making that representation available to those whose life experience allows them to make use of that information in an autonomising framework. On map.4 is indicated the difference between a well connected global world and non-connected society. If you cut and connect a1 to c5 pages of a booklet you will get a Financial Industrial Complex map (Bureau e''etudes). And this is one of exact before-after diagrams.