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Application Number 0000801654
Author Mujica, Hugo Eduardo, Mexico
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Work title: GENS GLOBAL (0000801654)

BABEL LINE What in the actual notion of property? What is the actual notion of liberty? Some religious writings have spoken of the Tower of Babel as the most frightening experiment of the man by reaching an impossible dream, such boldness received like punishment the differentiation and fragmentation of its same group, avoiding the eternal possibility of development and evolution. At present this fragmentation has enlarged with years of economic, social, cultural, and moral prejudices and destroys once more the possibility of evolution beyond the technical or scientific reaches of the human being We continue marking the limit of those differences, the border between people, that the unique thing that causes is to continue the human destruction under any pretext, independent of the culture or language that be spoken In this research/exploration we take up again that frightening experiment that caused the fragmentation of men, in response to an alternative of cultural, economic, social, and anthropological evolution. Territory This kind of Gens global consists in the abolition to geopolitical territories and the power of different forces or cultures in only one way. The territory consist in one global mega-structure above the earth, inside only one culture, with (out) differences, a nomad civilization building new forms to habit the territory. The land will be common, changing, mayfly; we can use it, inhabiting it in a free way, without the sense of individual property, better, like a collective property, collective forces Occupation The occupation will be temporal, to leave from, freedom of movement, transit, and a dynamical system of cultural human variations. The notion of property has changed already there is not limits, the differences have done itself the common base of the society, the property is common, all we can occupy all the planet on these mega structures, inhabiting the planet since a different spatial system, the notion of property also changes for benefit of the human Being and to break the anachronistic means of property