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Application Number 0000801653
Author PACHY, LENIA , Greece
Coauthors SHAMMAS, DEMETRIS , Cyprus
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Work title: A sewing tale or: How I learned to stop worrying and face the wall (0000801653)

In a divided city, one is used to overlook the barrier placed to protect him from the others. This physical form of fear and enmity, inevitably transforms into the essential sustainer of an urban pathology. In Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, we have seized to question its existence. While intended as an emergency measure for preventing bloodshed, the wall has lasted for more than 37 years, turning into the object of avoidance, encouraging further animosity and segregation. The wall is now the finish line, forcing the city’s two halves into a one-way growth. In this project we attempt to bridge the gap created by the walls of separation. The resulting architectural narrative does not derive from hope or desire, but is rather expressed as a vision and fantasy, situating this space of conflict in an alternate present, where genuine dialogue has replaced political debate. The city center is conceived as a unity of educational, recreational and cultural uses, in the belief that education is the key to eliminate the last remnants of hatred. The buffer zone acts now, conversely, as the field of attraction; the place of coexistence where two rival nations find space for human interaction. The abandoned site is cleansed and reinhabited in the form of a long labyrinthine space that hosts open air public activities. The former rigid and impermeable boundary transforms into a porous and permeable zone. While carrying the characteristics of a dream, our sewing tale attempts to ignite critical thinking and action, reminding us of the necessity of confrontation with the line of contention.