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Application Number 0000801646
Author Julià, Alba , Spain
Coauthors Colomé, Bernat , Spain
Ferrando, Elisa , Spain
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Work title: PARIS GREENWAY (0000801646)

It has been considered for so long that cities and territories live together. However, this coexistence between them has nowadays grown weak because of the indiscriminated city’s development. The aim of our project is to recover the equilibrium between the densified territory and natural zones in order to promote their interaction as an urban potential element. For this reason, we consider really important to understand the natural territory as a part of a whole instead of a geographic barrier within the city. Even though this very same concept could be applied to other cities as well, we have chosen Paris as our case study because, despite its air of glamour, Paris owns one of the most conflictive periphery areas that bear witness to social differences between the charming “ville de l’amour” and the forgotten outskirts. Paris has been growing in a radial way, densifying all the perimeter at the same time that the centre was brought to a standstill. This expansion has been uncontrolled and has taken place beyond the administrative limits. Therefore, it has been done without taking into account the relationship with its surroundings. Our intention is to ramify this growth into controlled densified zones in order to avoid the centre to be brought to a standstill. Furthermore, we propose to blur intersectional spaces by means of setting up green corridors, so as to make the agriculture and forests go through the city, thus promoting the relationship between city-nature. After analysing the current situation of Paris, we realised that the periphery area has not been optimally distributed because the densified living areas are mixed with non-used opened spaces and the equipments are them all concentrated into a separated part of the city. Moreover, it has an undesirable peripheral region that promotes day-zones and sleeping-neighbourhoods to be separated from Paris’ centre through the motorway (Périphérique), which becomes a pronounced barrier between the inner part of the city and the rest of the world. In order to solve the exposed problem, we propose to settle three different kinds of green corridors and thus promote the mixture of the city itself with opened spaces so as to generate mixed used areas where the activity, green spaces and sleeping zones converge.