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Application Number 0000801645
Author Facchetti, Marco , Italy
Coauthors Facchetti, Andrea ,
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Work title: All Man''s Sea (0000801645)

The idea of border recalls a wide scenario made of themes concerning ‘the other’ and ‘the stranger’, the feeling of security and the concept of identity. A border’s scope of meaning extends to the journey and the discovery of new connections and changes. Even when extremely complex and dynamic, the idea of border can be defined as a place that relates two separate parts to each other, rather than splitting them far apart. Thus, the border reveals itself as an ambiguous dynamic element, allowing the dialectic between two fragments. It is possible to think of the border as a junction and as an interface for communication and exchange between several communities, which guarantees rhythm and balance within this relationship. Due to its geographic position in the Mediterranean Sea, it seems natural to consider the island of Lampedusa as a junction and therefore a point of reference for the African migrants seeking a better living condition or a way of escape from wars and persecutions. During the past decades, Lampedusa has become one of the major hubs within the Mediterranean migration scenario and consequently a strategic stage to control the immigrant flows. The idea of border as a junction has broken down since the island was designed as a barrier. Re-establishing a situation oriented to satisfy wishes and hopes for both, islanders and people crossing Lampedusa, is necessary. Keeping in mind the idea and the design of the constellations as the ancient/celestial point of reference for sailers, we have decided to create a network of small islands to guide the migrants during their boat journey through the Sicily Sea: several constellations of the northern hemisphere have been selected and projected on the sea surface surrounding Lampedusa. During the journey, each boat will be guided by the network made of islands, providing comfort and rest to the travelers, like caravans guided by an oases in the desert. Different routes could be chosen according to the final destination, thanks to the decentralized structure of the network, avoiding at the same time busy traffic in Lampedusa and its harmful consequences on local and migrant people.